Icon for Markdown Previewer

Markdown Previewer

A simple, single page webapp that previews Markdown text in real time, powered by the Marked.js library. Originally written with React in 2017, and recently ported over to Vue.

Icon for Saint Peter's Bookmark

Saint Peter's Bookmark

Commemorative bookmarks created to celebrate Saint Peter's accreditation as a university. This design was selected to be given out to the officials visiting our campus.

Icon for Tony Tells

Tony Tells

A clone of the popular Simon Electronic Game, manufactured by Milton Bradley. For demonstration purposes, this digital version features a win state at 20 correct guesses, and an easy mode that can be turned on at any time in order to maintain a streak.

Icon for High Frontier Outpost

High Frontier Outpost

Logo created for the staff of High Frontier Outpost, designed to embody their mission statement of creating a habitable outpost in space.

Icon for Drum Soundboard

Drum Soundboard

A drum soundboard created with React. Does exactly as it says on the tin. Features light-up buttons, mobile resizing, and open hooks in the source code for adding additional sound effects.

Icon for Technical Doc Demo

Technical Doc Demo

A demonstration of a technical documentation page written in pure Javascript. Features a self-assembling table of contents. Sample text courtesy of Mozilla's development documentation.

Icon for TVCrate Product Page

TVCrate Product Page

Parody product landing site for an "As Seen on TV" subscription service.

Icon for Discord Discourse

Discord Discourse

Sample form layout, with a prank twist: upon hitting submit, the form is torn in half and thrown into the trash. Created on Node.js, but with no current plans for storing or parsing form results (fittingly enough).

Icon for Wine Glass

Wine Glass

3D render of a table setting. Experimenting with properly rendering the look of light passing through colored liquids.

Icon for Current Weather Display

Current Weather Display

With the help of Wikipedia's API, this Javascript applet pulls up articles relevant to the user's search query, and also provides a sidebar to save favorite articles.

Icon for Twitch Streaming Status

Twitch Streaming Status

A Javascript applet that displays the current status of streamers on Twitch. It allows users to add users, remove them, and shift individual cards around. Access to Twitch's API is provided by this site's pass-through.

Icon for Calculator Web App

Calculator Web App

A simple calculator web applet written in Javascript. Additionally features a few cosmetic touches, such as mimicking losing power when covering the solar array with your "hand", and mimicking the polarizing effect you get when you press against a calculator's LCD screen.

Icon for Design Quote Generator

Design Quote Generator

A small Javascript program that serves up interesting design quotes on demand. All the quotes used for this project are provided by the Quotes on Design API

Icon for Silly Monster Studio

Silly Monster Studio

Logo design created for Silly Monster Studios, a digital store front established in 2014.

Icon for Pokemon Kanto Badges

Pokemon Kanto Badges

3D models based on the gym badge sprites found in the original Pokemon games. Created over the course of a week as I taught myself how to use Blender.

Icon for Extra Credit

Extra Credit

The website for the Extra Credit Podcast., bodged together with the help of Wordpress. In addition to maintaining the site, I've also contributed to several episodes by way of audio editing, episode art creation, and voice work.

Icon for Home Drug Pak

Home Drug Pak

Layout design for the Home Drug Pak packaging.

Icon for Zumba Website

Zumba Website

A now defunct website created in 2012 for "Zumba with Sonia Correa." The site was written in HTML and jQuery, with the help of some plugins to create the calendar. (Gallery contains screenshots from proposal build.)

Icon for Fred Book Covers

Fred Book Covers

Book cover proposal for Fred Books publishing. The design features simple geometric shapes whose hue can be shifted as needed.

Icon for Wikihow Generator

Wikihow Generator

Based on an inside joke between friends, this site loads up a random Wikihow article, and messes with the title. Created to poke fun at the specificity of some Wikihow articles.

Icon for Scoops Ice Cream

Scoops Ice Cream

Logo and layout design for a fictional ice cream shop, created for a class project. Also showcases a custom business card holder created as a bonus.

Icon for Oquview Box

Oquview Box

Packaging and logo design for a fictional eye drop medication, created as part of a class project.

Icon for East Coast Muscle Fitness

East Coast Muscle Fitness

Logo design created for a local fitness gym.

Icon for Yet Another Bootstrap Portfolio

Yet Another Bootstrap Portfolio

Sample portfolio site design created with Bootstrap.